Sprout time

Your child will experience the joy of seeing how seeds grow and gives us the beauty of flowers and other plants. We’ll also teach Photosynthesis.


PRE-MATH: Shape: Circle Numbers: Introduction To Numbers, 0, 1, 2
LANGUAGE: Letters: Introduction To Letters, Letter A Beginning Name Recognition

spanish: learning facial parts (ojos, nariz, voca, etc)

Spanish: Learning Colors (azul and yellow)
Nursery Rhyme: Mary Had A Little Lamb
PHYSICAL SKILLS FOCUS: Gross Motor: Body Awareness/Balance, Roll/Bounce A Ball
Fine Motor: Activities/Cutting Practice Stage:Tearing On-Going

Water Table Activity: Scrap Paper/Scissors
SCIENCE: Germs/Healthy Habits and Bathroom Self-Help Skills.

water activities: Getting wet with water toys/water tables (things that float and sink)

CREATIVE EXPRESSION: On-Going Easel Art Choices: Painting On Circles/Abstracts
Color Focus: Primary Colors Red, Blue, Yellow
On-Going Creative Drama Corner: Classroom Play Kitchen/Pretend Apple Orchard
MINI-MUSIC APPRECIATION: Introduction: The Sounds of Music
SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT FOCUS: All About Me (and Promoting An "I Can" Attitude)
Character Education: Manners/Making Friends/Sharing Feelings (Trustworthiness)
SAFETY THEMES: Keeping Safe At Home and daycare, water safety, Why We Have Rules, What is 911?
Children Around the World (We're Alike, We're Different) (An Introduction) and World Celebrations
MINI-HISTORY: When My Grandparents Were Children (Grandparent's Day)
MINI-ENVIRONMENTAL ED: Beautiful Earth (An Introduction to Nature)